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środa, 31 lipca 2013

Test: Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

You have probably figured out by reading this test: the S4 Galaxy mini is halfway between the middle and high-end, opting for dimensions collected, but flawless ergonomics, performance and much more in line with a price that we can nevertheless help to find a high hair. At 100 euros less, the new XPS M1330 smartphone from Samsung was a case not to be missed. But, with between 400 and 450 €, the user is faced with a dilemma as price, for the same price or cheaper, it can also provide a Nexus 4 or Galaxy S3 which is still largely the cover. That said, if you appreciate the design of the Galaxy S4 but you want however acquire a little more compact smartphone without you focus on raw performance, S4 mini might be the one you want.


Next one now as precise as a Swiss watch schedule, Samsung is not his last new Galaxy S in various formats for different uses. Last year, the S3 was entitled to an unconvincing "mini" version, as too limited by its performance at a high price. This year's mini S4 is always sold as expensive, but seems much more solid hardware side.

Before confirming or not the HP G42  performance of the device, let us for a moment on its form, which will not surprise many people. If two weeks ago, we compared the Galaxy Mega a giant S4, mini, he is a S4 ... compact (what a surprise). More seriously, maintaining the same reference design and the same materials, Samsung once again takes little risk, but the result is ultra efficient. Mini S4 is indeed a model of ergonomics and fits perfectly in your hands.

Its small size helps to give him a round and smooth, roller limit, which makes it very pleasant to the touch, while being a very safe grip. The Latitude E6400 screen edges are also very thin, but prior to a little less than the S4, and the thickness is in turn slightly larger than 1mm. For the rest, everything is exactly the same, whether the connection, location (perfect) of the ignition button and volume, the rear plastic shell, aluminum edges .... If you already enjoy the design of the S4, it will be hard to fault anything in its mini version. But the reverse is also true and allergic to the aspect of "all plastic" again sulk unit.

The display, meanwhile, is largely worthy of what is expected of a smartphone Galaxy range. Eternal Super AMOLED meets once more present, and adapts well to the 4.3'' diagonal and the definition of 540 x 960 pixels. The HP G6 Battery colors and contrast are good, faultless vision angles, deep blacks and sufficient maximum brightness for comfortable use in direct sunlight. In short, a real highlight, which allows (only partially) justify the relatively high price of the device.

Another pleasant surprise: the camera. If we do not reach the level of excellence S4 (clearly the better camera market with the Lumia 925), the 8 megapixel sensor with a LED flash is doing very well, especially on pictures taken indoors and low light. Outside, the Dell Inspiron 1525 result is a bit more mixed, with colors not always true and a slight overexposure. Anyway, for this format smarpthone, we are dealing with a camera with a very good level.

A performance / price criticism?

Autonomy is also one of its strengths and the unit can even be found on our podium duration of video playback (720p, wifi on, brightness at max), just behind the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note II. Constant at Samsung, which is long past master in the art of managing the HP Pavilion dv6000 battery(which is here 8800mAh). On a daily basis, so you can count on almost two days of traditional use, or a full day if you play the game and consume a lot of data. In short, this aspect of the smartphone is, again, blameless.

Let us recall now the most critical of the Galaxy S4 mini aspect, namely its power / money. Last year, we were treated to a mini S3 with performance at a discount, which allowed even less swift than Galaxy S2, for a selling price around 400 €. A few months later, Samsung he made the same mistake? The first observation is the most obvious: yes, the S4 mini is expensive for a smartphone running Android 4.3''. At almost € 450 the

Latitude E6420 machine, so we would expect such a perfect and versatile user experience.

Do not worry: although contrast, the balance is very positive. Our benchmarks show indeed very respectable scores, not far from that offer smarpthone more upscale, located in the range of € 500-600. Only the result in 3D Mark is a little frown, which is also felt in the practice of recent 3D games, regular victims of nasty jerks. The rest is very fluid against: videos in HD and Full HD reads carefree (oddly, using MX Player lets appear a little lag while BS Player works perfectly) and navigating within the TouchWiz interface is impeccable. The consultation Inspiron 1545 web page does not pose a problem, except that related to the relatively small size of the screen, which means that we are often forced to move his thumb to read correctly.

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