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Test: LG Optimus G

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After Sony and HTC, it was the turn of LG released in France's new high-end smartphone. An efficient and well finished XPS M1210 product, but apparently sharing many similarities with the Nexus 4, for a higher price.

Output outside Europe in November, and at the same time as the Nexus 4, the LG Optimus G is only available from us since March in an oscillating between 500 and 550 € price. This price puts it directly into the "low" high-end smartphone range, where he met the Sony Xperia Z, HTC One and of course the Galaxy S4. At the reading of his characteristics, however, does not fail to note a number of commonalities rather disturbing with the Nexus 4: same size and resolution screen, same processor, same GPU, same amount of RAM ... Until his shell glass, which immediately recalls the takeover of the smartphone Google. Nothing too surprising, however, since the Nexus 4 was also designed by LG. We can then ask the question of what really differentiates the two devices to share the prize.

First observation: the Optimus G is beautiful, just as it is simple and classic in design. We said, it shares the same back cover glass as the Nexus 4, but adopts a slightly more straight edges, for a result that is more reminiscent of the  HP 484170-001. However, if the grip is very nice, it is a bit slippery due to the corners a little more rounded. That being said, and more generally, the finish of the Optimus G exudes quality and high-end: the buttons are perfectly placed, the metal strapping around the screen adds a touch of extra shine and only two screws visible in the lower part with a little swear all.

A perfect screen, a range in the average

The front screen of 4.7'' inch True HD IPS provides a definition of 1280x768, is reinforced by a Gorilla Glass 2, and seems excellent craftsmanship. In addition, it displays a very satisfactory brightness, accurate color (not too saturated or too dull) and a fine flawless display. Coupled with the Pavilion DV4 excellent responsiveness of the OS (we will), we obtain here a view of a very convincing quality.

Autonomy, meanwhile, is in the middle, slightly higher than what is usually found in this class of devices. The

DV5 Battery will probably not reach the peaks, but its life varies greatly depending on the use you make of the smartphone. Video playback, for example, the Optimus G is on a par with the Lumia 920, but is a notch below a Xperia Z. As part of a more conventional use (call, email, sms, surfing), can however count on a lifetime approaching the big day, plus night. A rather positive finding, then. A strange thing is however to note: sometimes the brightness crashes, especially when the unit heats up too much, and it is necessary to wait a few minutes before being again able to change this setting .

Correct APN, without

No real fault for the moment, the LG Optimus G manage to be as convincing as regards his camera? Equipped with a 13 megapixel sensor (a value that becomes the norm on smartphones in this category), the AFN has pictures of good quality, without reaching qualitative heights. Compared to the Nexus 4, the

HP Pavilion DV6 performance is more or less the same, despite the 8 megapixel camera of the latter. Outside, the record is pretty good, but with a little overexposure and this rendering sometimes dull colors.

In low light, the pictures are pretty convincing, despite a flash that tends to make the picture quite cold. Side finally capture video (up to 1080p), the camera betrays an update moderately responsive autofocus. Note the addition of a few widgets friendly (but already seen) as the SONY VGP-BPS8 deformation of real-time face or adding a decoration around a topic. Often unnecessary, but fun all the time ...

Responsive and pleasant Android

Let us recall now the overall performance of this phone, and the quality of the proposed everyday experience. If you followed, you already understand that the technical specifications stick very closely to those of the Nexus 4 ... Not surprisingly, therefore, the VGP-BPS9 performance is very good and the benchmark results are very close to those the Google phone, except on 3D Mark where Optimus is actually behind. All this leads to a reactivity without Android (version 4.1 here) fault, and impeccable fluidity, both when navigating the menus on the web.

Side overlay, customization, called Optimus UI 3.0 is generally good taste, with some cosmetic in here and there effects: zoom effect when you unlock the  Toshiba PA3258U-1BAS screen is very successful, as the QSlide function which brings up an app 'overlay another. Rather well thought out, this system allows for example to receive an SMS and then answer that one is on a web page or a video. Fortunately Tie (window size, transparency, etc..), However, shows QSLIDE is sometimes a little too invasive and some may prefer to quickly return to the  Inspiron 1300 traditional system of notification in the top of the screen, clean Jelly Bean.

Anyway, the overlay Optimus UI 3.0 is a very good surprise, since it embodies good taste not to slow down the OS while providing a interface finally close enough to the original Android Jelly Bean. Overall, it is also all of this LG smartphone that is a nice surprise with a high-end hardware, excellent performance, flawless finish and a 4G compatibility, it is difficult to find fault.

Finally, the Dell studio 1558 biggest complaint that could oppose him would be his too much resemblance to the Nexus 4, for a higher price (April 16 GB Nexus is trading at € 349, the Optimus G 32 GB to 499 €) . The question is whether you prefer to wager on storage space (which is not expandable on both devices) and future 4G coverage in France (which is not forthcoming). Anyway, the LG Optimus G is undeniably one of high-end smartphones to be considered in a purchase decision.


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