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sobota, 27 kwietnia 2013

Test: Galaxy Note 8.0

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Announced at the last Mobile World Congress, Note 8.0 is the new version of the Samsung range stylus. Really a smartphone, this large-format Note further attack 8'' tablet market with line of sight one competitor in particular: the iPad Mini.

In addition to its unique size in Samsung - who typed so far in the 7 or 10'' - Note 8 was at the time of its announcement, makes sense, thanks to the  PA3258U-1BAS possibility to use it as a phone. However, if you paste the idea of ​​such a device to the ear you bristling hair, do not worry: the only version currently available is equipped with WiFi only, and it is also one that makes the The purpose of this test. First observation, when captured for the first time the Galaxy Note 8.0: it is pure Samsung in design. Kinship with the Note II or the Galaxy S III is obvious here, even if the screen edges are wider than usual ...

The whole is always cast in a smooth, glossy plastic shell, which seems quite slippery at first, but that it has an impact on the grip in practice. Close to the mini iPad in its format, Note 8.0 is slightly larger, thicker and heavier. However, it is the VGP-BPS12 impression of lightness and solidity which predominate, confirming that the size 8'' seems to be an ideal compromise between appearance "16: 9" with a 7'' and the larger size of 10''.

Problematic stylus?

The connectivity and the location of the buttons are for their impeccable. It has quick access to micro-SD slot, volume buttons fall well under the fingers and the case to store the stylus / S-Pen (in the lower right corner as shown in the Note II) is both discreet and easy access. On this last point, however, we found a rather annoying problem: the  Battery  VGP-BPS9 extreme sensitivity of the recognition of the "withdrawal" of the S-Pen. Simply, most of the time, seize the tablet for it erroneously detects an output of the stylus from its location, automatically causing the output unit to standby. The screen changes suddenly its time to turn without being asked anything. Unclear whether this defect is specific to the SONY VGP-BPS8 device that was provided to us or if it is a simple software bug that will be a future update .... In contrast, the S-Pen itself is very pleasant to use, accurate and ergonomic. The comfort provided by the screen 8'' is not a stranger, and taking notes "in pencil" takes on a whole new dimension.

To screen its first tablet 8 ", Samsung has chosen a TFT capacitive display offering a resolution of 1280x800 pixels and a density of 189 ppi. Keeping with its policy, the Korean manufacturer and foremost on brightness and color and a very marked contrast, even lose a little fidelity. If Pavilion DV6 more demanding in terms of rendering will be always a little disappointed, hard to complain against the clarity and accuracy of the the Samsung screens have not much to prove this point.

Autonomy, in turn, is somewhat disappointing, especially compared to the excellent performance of the iPad mini. But not catastrophic, the quality of the DV5 Battery (5200mAh, yet) allow you to use it from one day to a day and a half. This result largely down during video playback (WiFi on, maximum brightness) as our test shows a shy 5:30, barely more than a Nexus Nexus 7 and less than 10, which were already quite down our comparison chart. However, the management of standby looks good, the battery level dropping to only a few% in 24h.

At the top of the podium performance

Although this is not the first argument of a tablet, the quality of the  HP Pavilion DV4  is always more important. Here, the surprise is quite good, since the 5-megapixel sensor offers outdoor photos pretty successful, offering accurate colors and satisfactory accuracy. No flash on the other hand, which immediately eliminates any possibility to take pictures in low light, the sensor is not big enough to support a context too shaded.

With a score of 17093 in AnTuTu Benchmark and 46.4 fps sources Epic Citadel, the Galaxy Note 8 is placed directly on the podium of the best performing market shelves, even monopolizing the top spot on AnTuTu. The four heart Exynos processor clocked at 1.6 Ghz worked wonders, as the Mali 400MP GPU. The user experience is all the better, the fluidity of the interface is rarely faulted, and playing flawless multimedia files. It's simple, in terms of HP 484170-001 raw performance, Note 8 seems to be what is currently the best in the segment of tablets 7-8 inches. Also nothing to complain about his part: the speakers are in the average and offer proper sound power (even if it still should not expect miracles on a tablet of this size). As for the sound output from the headphones, it is true, and no pronounced deformation.

Ideal for taking notes

One of the main arguments of the range rating is of course the famous S-Pen, which is accompanied by a battery of applications dedicated to note-taking, drawing and other scribblings. On this point, fans will be so filled with sketches, the unit covering almost all needs in this area. You can create a travel via "Journal", lay out a personalized magazine with "Magazine", create greeting cards, take "raw" notes, etc.. Handwriting is nice, and the stylus to draw quite accurately, the pressure on the screen is taken into account. If we are still far from the quality of a professional pen (as found in Wacom, for example), we can only applaud the compaq presario cq60 quality level offered by Samsung for a consumer product.

But the penguins pen reassure the Galaxy Note 8 may well be used "finger" and echo the principles of TouchWiz, found especially on the Galaxy SIII or Note II interface. No big surprises on this, so this fit perfectly overlay format 8''. If you are used laptop  XPS M1210 products, so you do not risk being homesick. Note that the windowing, function already present on the Note II (which allows you to view two applications at the same time, one on each side of the screen) wins again here in interest and comfort.

Finally, and not surprisingly, the Galaxy Note 8.0 proves a very good tablet 8'': powerful, comfortable to use and ideal when it comes to taking notes or view content. Slight defects mentioned above are not disadvantageous, however, hoping that the bug recognition pen is only very temporary. Dell Inspiron 1300 remains to address the issue of price: € 399 in the WiFi version, it clearly is at a rate that could put off those who want to acquire a "small" tablet to a consistent price. A little more expensive than the iPad Mini and more than the Nexus 7, the Galaxy Note 8, despite these undeniable qualities could be difficult to justify the pricing of these few hardware improvements. A reflection will however not unduly started our overall opinion: we stayed in love with this new Samsung tablet.


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