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sobota, 20 kwietnia 2013

Test: Fractal Design Newton 600W R3

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Fractal Design is not only Dell XPS M1530 PC cases. The Swedish company also provides power to put into it. With its new Newton R3 and 80Plus certification range, she hopes to make an impression. But these models are they really a good deal?

After Tesla Integra R2 and R2, Fractal Design is now offering a new range of power supplies called Newton R3. We were able to spend a few days with the 600W model, which, like its peers, has an 80Plus Platinum certification, the highest award in this power category. Around this block we begin with the  PA3534U-1BAS cooling system of which 13,5 cm fan may operate in a semi-passive mode. More specifically, it does not take effect until the moment when the load exceeds 50%, or about 300W. Once started, it will continue to regulate its rotation in order to provide the minimum of noise, while meeting energy needs. A system that generally works wonders, since this block Newton R3 will be shown in an exemplary discretion, even more than 600W load.

Side wiring, Fractal  CQ62 Battery Design offers everything you need in a bag that does not disown the hero of the series Dexter ... Inside, a PCI-Express cable doubled with two 6 +2 pin connectors, three SATA cables to cover a total of 9 HDD cable for Molex devices and Floppy Molex adapter. Note that all this a platform. The missing? Yes! This Newton R3 is semi-modular effect and offers cables ATX 20 +4 pin, the EPS ATX PCI-Express socket for the CPU 4 +4 pin, and a second cable doubled 6 +2 pin directly. The  Dell D630 Battery offer is so bloated, but not enough to hide a defect, however: some cables are too short, especially those intended for food or the graphics card. In fact, if you do not encounter problems on a small box, with a medium or large tower case, the case will be complicated, and the links will then be live, which singularly fail to aesthetics.

Since we are talking about dimensions, it should be noted that this block Fractal Design has not done in the standard. If the Inspiron 1525 height and width are fixed and data to 8.6 cm and 15 cm respectively, the length by 16.5 cm. These dimensions are all the more strange that the modular connectors on the block does not seem to require much space. In addition, the interior block provided by the Taiwanese company ATNG is not particularly greedy on this aspect. We can therefore assume that Fractal Design has simply erred on the side of the 600W model. Always side connector block, modular cables have a little trouble returning. At least, once you have a little forced on the holding mechanism, the HP Pavilion DV6 cable will not risk moving.

SLI and Crossfire

Like its sister version 800 and 1000 W, 600 W R3 that Newton will dsponible in black or white, and benefit from an 80Plus Platinum certification. A certification that will not fly, because the official figures place it in the top of the basket over the E5500 batteries competition. At 20% load, it gets 91.41% yield while at 50% load, it goes up to 92.37%. The value drops to 89.45% to 100% load.

And good news: these numbers are found on our test bench (see protocol). As expected, a little more than the 300W ventilation starts. But the cooling cycle under Fractal Design allows it to also turn off depending on the temperature inside the block. Another good point between each cycle, the Dell Vostro 1520 fan does not cause unpleasant noise as was the case on our Corsair GS800 power.

Good but could do better ...

Fractal Design HP Pavilion DV7 signs here a new range of high potential. With the help of circuits ATNG, this Newton R3 delivers easily the power you need, even for a dual GPU configuration. However, we must not forget to check the size of your case before you buy! Issue price, if you look over our competition on price comparison, this block Newton R3 600W is 10 € cheaper than the equivalent of 660W Seasonic. In all cases, Fractal Design comes in a good position on this power range. I bet that the Swedish firm quickly fix this glitch cable length.


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