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sobota, 06 kwietnia 2013

Test: Acer Iconia W510

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In the family of tablets running Windows 8, those on Atom platform are clearly not very convincing performance side but allow access to the x86 version of the OS that many are familiar, while maintaining good battery life without being disturbed by an active ventilation system. The Acer copy of this category of products she will be more satisfactory than its competitor HP batteries ?

We were strict with the HP Envy X2, hybrid between tablet and netbook running Windows 8. It must be said that despite an interesting design, and a comely quality manufacturing, the machine has been disappointing in terms of performance (winded), while the relevance of the choice of OS n ' was not obvious ... that led us to rant seeing the price at which the product is sold. It is in this context that we welcome more leniently the Acer Iconia W510, which has the advantage of being available at a more affordable price (and more in line with the configuration of this type of product) currently set at around € 530. Certainly, it is expensive for what can be seen as a convertible touchscreen netbook, but it's more reasonable than the Envy X2 competitor that starts around € 700.

Besides the price, what differentiating factors?

This is the price you will begin to understand why the Iconia W510 gets home a better grade than hybrid HP. And we will see, this is far from the only criterion which played in its favor. Yet all was not won unpacking. While discovering a charger very small is always good news, a little cheap plastic keyboard dock (which includes a battery) does not assure the quality of the Dell Inspiron 1525 product and the design of its hinge is not to pack us. But this hinge, very classic, works very well and gives a solid feel to set the tablet up a small notch quality finish thanks to its aluminum back (useful for passive cooling). To compensate for the relatively limited connectivity (jack, micro-HDMI, micro-USB) which requires going through the dock to access a standard USB (3.0) Port (single port added by the keyboard dock by the way), Acer manages to deliver lighter than the Envy X2 and has a micro SD slot that allows you to boost storage capacity together.

Weight side, the tablet weighs only 570 g and 1,265 kg with a dock, while the Envy X2 weighed 705 g and 1,430 kg for a mobile product that it is necessary to wear regularly, and in a use shelves held at arm's length, every gram counts. It simply notes a fairly glaring imbalance between the weight of the tablet and that of his dock which can be problematic in certain positions, although once on the desk in the Iconia W510 notebook PC mode is pretty well established. As for storage, be offered the option of adding a single 64GB micro-SD (up a fifty euros) is not a luxury when we know that based on the 47.58 GB disk C: eMMC memory of the tablet chips, two partitions of a total of 500 MB is reserved for the system, another 10 GB is dedicated to the restoration, and only a little more than 28 GB are available. For a product sold with an initial capacity of 64 GB on the  HP G7 Ba ttery , it is important to report.

The Iconia W510 in revealing

For the rest, the design of this hybrid is fairly standard, very few risks being taken, very few mistakes are made. We must still note the location of misguided speakers that will very often covered by the palms of users of the tablet in landscape mode. Loudspeakers, incidentally, produce a very pleasant sound, not powerful and featureless. Dock side, the chiclet keyboard is small and it requires time to adapt. While the presence of a small touchpad is obviously very convenient. The choice of screen for Dell Latitude E6320 has focused on an IPS capacitive touch 10.1'' in a definition of 1366 x 768. The developer of the color sensor, it shows a very glorious way Delta 7.2 not (especially for the IPS) and a maximum brightness a little below 194 cd / m², contrast ratio limited to 627: 1. Inside, it will not pose any particular problem, but outside of a little more color contrast and a boost in brightness would not have been superfluous.

As for performance, overall, we remain in the same vein as that offers the Latitude E6420. Logic, the two machines share the same architecture (same Intel Atom Z2760 processor @ 1,8 GHz 2GB DDR2 associated). One that necessarily limit the possible uses of the machine, either in a professional or personal setting (forget any computing task intense or 3D application), but strangely, use platform, the Iconia W510 gives the impression to be more reactive than the Envy X2. After checking the speed of eMMC memory via CrystalDiskMark, this factor is to be avoided since reassembled rates are roughly similar (80 and 32 MB / s sequential read and write). It is therefore not explain this difference, especially that based on the benchmarks, the Iconia W510 is sometimes faster, sometimes slower than the  E6420 ATG batteries, but to use the Acer tablet leaves a better impression of responsiveness .

And Iconia W510 is also more independent. Many even. However, the tablet battery is 30 Wh, only 4 Wh more than the Envy X2. And the keyboard dock, the second battery is 8 Wh 29 Wh more. For a total capacity of 59 Wh 47 Wh against HP. The Dell Latitude E6520 battery life on the tablet with or without dock is the most important fact, and very convincing. Video (80% brightness, WiFi off), the tablet is off before 5:07 and 8:31 with the dock. While in office (30% brightness, WiFi on), we reached the dock 14:29 autonomy. And do - basically - that ten more minutes to achieve an almost full charge (count still about 3 hours with the dock). All this is fairly logical, since in addition to a higher capacity battery, the Iconia W510 uses less energy, the evidence with our measurements to Meter: 5.8 Watts resting against 7.3 W for Envy X2 and 9.5 W in charge against 11.4 W. In return, we have already said, the maximum brightness is lower.


In the end, although the HP Pavilion DV4 attractive concept behind still suffers power limits induced by the design of the hybrid x86 which is frankly Atom winded, not to mention the poverty of a Windows Store that stuff still little by little, we will focus more favorably prospective buyers a convertible Windows 8 tablet of this kind to Acer Iconia W510, rather than the HP Envy X2, the highest price is no justification.


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