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MSI is trying to compete with high-end motherboards "ROG" from Asus and "FTW" EVGA presenting the Z77A-G45 Gaming. The Z77A-G45 GAMING allows MSI to redo makeover on a platform based on Intel compatible socket 1155 processors. This time, Inspiron 1526 swapped the black and blue to follow the trend: black and red.

To give them a little "pep", the "Gaming" versions borrow the virtues of dragon decorating so the chipset heatsink and borrowing aesthetics scales of the beast for those power levels.


The chipset used is the Intel Z77 perpetual support for SATA 6Gbps storage devices and USB 3.0 natively.

To complete this offer, the Z77A-G45 GAMING favors multi GPU solutions with Lucid Virtu MVP and CrossfireX or SLI. Sound like the Pavilion DV4 network are key elements for gamers and that is why we find the "Killer Ethernet" feature to limit the effects of downturns but also "Sound Blaster Cinema" to provide a more realistic sound.

To ensure a long and infallible reliability, MSI has once again components "Military Class III".


Finally OC Genie II overclocking significantly simplifies the procedures and "Total Fan Control" allows precise control of fans dedicated to the cooling components. If offered such a comprehensive and attractive map as it is an excellent initiative that we welcome, she remains a good choice for players knowing that the release of the next generation of Compaq Presario CQ60 processors "Haswell" is imminent?



MSI was able to offer many motherboards for Intel platforms with a very good value for money. For example, the Z77IA E53 mini-ITX had shown itself particularly convincing. Although Intel is expected soon to announce the availability of its new generation of processors "Haswell", MSI takes the risk of proposing yet another collection dedicated to families "Sandy Bridge" and "Ivy Bridge." The Latitude E6500 manufacturer was indeed slightly behind the high-end segment usually reserved for overclockers as well as the only players represented by the "Power" collection. It therefore welcomes the efforts made by the manufacturer hoping that the result is convincing.

Thus the new motherboards "Gaming" MSI differ primarily on an aesthetic level, but also on-board equipment. It consists of four models, including three equipped with Intel Z77 chipset. Only B75A-G43 Gaming stands with B75 release. The Toshiba PA3465U-1BRS nuances between the various references are minimal.


They focus on cooling the floors of food, the type of components, the multi GPU and SATA interfaces support. It thus replaces the blue card by red more in tune with current trends and new features are introduced. But first the main features of the Z77A-G45 GAMING. We discover a map to shipping size ATX socket 1155 ccompanied by a famous last Z77.Ce chipset Intel warrants the media to the fastest SATA 6Gbps standard, USB 3.0 and various features such as Intel Smart Response Inspiron 1300 Technology, Rapid Start and Rapid Connect.


We also have 24 PCI Express lanes allowing the accumulation of several unlimited bandwidth with support for PCI Express 3.0 graphics cards. Getting closer now embedded on the Z77A-G45 GAMING it will stand out from the competition equipment. First Killer E2200 Ethernet Controller will reduce latency occurring in online games. A particularly complete application is proposed to make the most out of this tool. The audio is also another major concern of the players, the DV5 Battery  GAMING enjoys "Sound Blaster Cinema", an application enhancing the sound carries in games.


Finally always to achieve the best scores, two USB ports are switchable in 500 or 1000Hz to increase the reactivity of mice and keyboards. The Z77A-G45 GAMING is compatible with CrossFire and SLI. We can therefore combine the graphics card and MSI adds Lucid Virtu MVP, well known to increase framerates for example by adding computing power of the VGP-BPS8 processor IGP integrated 3D graphics application. Last trump the Z77A-G45 GAMING which has certified "Military Class III" with better overclocking potential, an advanced level of reliability as well as improved stability selected components.



Purified, it evokes the Z77A-G45 GAMING at first contact. Its classic black PCB seems stripped of components as they seem few. It is clear qu'MSI employs more integrated circuits leading to such results altogether convincing. Failing foolishly copy its close competitors, the Inspiron 1525 manufacturer drops the bright red for a little more Asian and therefore closer to the purple alternative. These are the radiators chipset and the power stages involved. The first features a dragon that is largely prefer to rounds of ammunition have met on other competing models.


The second radiators have the right to a perfect finish and design evoke the scales of the animal. They are divided into two blocks and are responsible for six VRM cooling. The Z77A-G45 GAMING 1155 features a socket permanently placed in the first half while the four ports will DIMM RAM. Let's get right to the bottom half of the Z77A-G45 GAMING on which there are three PCI Express x16 and four PCI Express x1 ports.


Below still on the edge, the deportees connectors show no originality like 99% of motherboards on the market.

Inspect the mismatched six SATA connectors. We would have preferred that those compatible with the third revision of the Pavilion DV6 standard differ only in color rather than their appearance. By cons MSI is well opting for remote USB 3.0 finally bent. Above the voltage measurement points are used to place a voltmeter. A mother "Overclocking" card is necessary, but on a "Gaming", the choice is debatable. Finally on the rear panel, the offer is complete with a PS / 2, four USB 2.0, two switchable in 500 or 1000Hz, a Clear CMOS switch, an obsolete digital coaxial output, S / PDIF, two USB 3.0, ethernet three video outputs VGA, DVI and HDMI, and finally six mini audio jack.


On the bundle, if efforts are made on those graphics cards with many games, some brands of motherboards MSI which part should shake a little more to offer than two SATA cables, a rear panel, a CD-ROM and various paper documents. When will real useful software (antivirus, ect) and not mere trial versions, groundwater quality and in sufficient numbers and adapters? Although the Dell Inspiron 6000  is not the more upscale but greatly help users to finalize their choice. In all cases, the Z77A-G45 GAMING offers an original and compelling successful aesthetic. It will delight those for whom the look is important.



The BIOS of the Z77A-G45 GAMING being at exactly the same features than the Z77A-G45, we adapt dedicated to this new revision because only aesthetic change section. Evolved through backup features on USB key, it uses colors pleasing to the eye even if you wonder why the six menus arranged around the main window are also great. It would have been interesting to optimize the E6410 battery display by minimizing these huge buttons clickable. Moreover, if all the ingredients for a current BIOS options are present, we can hardly say that it is convenient to use and ergonomic.

Six sections therefore call on the Z77A-GD65 GAMING:


You should know that to use the alternative OS MSI, it is necessary first to make a removable storage medium that shipping system. The  HP 484170-001 Settings menu contains the basic options such as embedded devices but also the unique technologies of the Intel Z77 chipset and Z77A-GD65 GAMING as LucidVirtu. The options are clear and legible and UEFI BIOS of the motherboard supports multi language. The integrated help supposed to explain the different options could be more comprehensive and clear.


Overclocking the menu will push its processor in the last corner because all parameters are present: adjustment ratio of PLL voltages, the BCLK and many others. The RAM can also benefit from custom parameters such as voltage, frequency or CAS. Each specific processor features are grouped into a second menu and caters to the most strenuous overclockers. They allow the intervention parameters of the more sharp the CPU power. Finally, the Latitude E6510  possibilities for updating are simple, practical and effective. It only takes a few seconds to receive the latest UEFI BIOS of the Z77A-GD65 GAMING.



In recent months, MSI has undertaken a real effort to provide modern applications facilitating the setting and monitoring of its products. On the Z77A-G45 GAMING three major software package stand included with the card: Control Center II, Click BIOS II and Killer Network Manager. Start with Control Center II has a makeover in good and due form for this specific range. We thus find the colors now associated with this category.

The HP Pavilion DV2000 options remain faithful to the "Performance" series from MSI. Menu are essential tools related to overclocking, the ventilation management or control via mobile device.


The "Overclocking" tab includes all the necessary options to increase the frequency of the CPU and RAM as even the IGP. Tensions and other factors can be adjusted without the need to use the BIOS. The second menu will be responsible for automating overclocking the Dell Latitude e6400 processor as quickly as possible. This will prevent such beginners to have absorb technology but also terms may be too technical. The biggest advantage of this solution is especially not to take any risk to the health of the equipment where every wrong setting can be fatal if not properly characterized. The third tab is dedicated to the management of the fans. The Z77A-G45 GAMING manage up to three profiles including that of the processor. We especially appreciate this tool as the beaches of thermoregulation are important.


Can benefit from a silent operation at rest but also to enjoy a cooling more efficient in operation. Of course it is imperative to use appropriate fans and assemble the PC correctly to exploit its full potential. The last tab to activate need map control via smartphone or tablet. An option beyond the scope of this test. Active LED tab or off at will the LED on the power stage. These are at the top of the Dell Vostro 1510  and this option will allow purists precisely control the lighting of their machine.


Click BIOS II is a very interesting application conceptually speaking, as it allows changing the BIOS settings directly from the operating system. But in practice, Click BIOS II is largely improvable for two reasons:

Click BIOS II suffers from a painfully slow and a discouraging response. Furthermore any changes will restart the Sony VGP-BPS12 machine. Last detail of lesser importance, MSI has not seen fit to harmonize aesthetically Click BIOS II with Control Center II. This leaves an impression of oddity marketing rushed. Unsurprisingly, Killer Network Manager is a simplified application management QoS (Quality of Service). It would merely eg prioritization between voice and data.


We also emphasize responsible for MSI Live Update automatically download and install the BIOS, drivers and applications automatically. Failing to integrate the latest drivers, it keeps the advantage of simplifying and accelerating this daunting task.


Performance games

 3DMark Cloud Gate

Futuremark, the famous editor of the benchmark benchmark dedicated graphics cards: 3DMark 2011 offers a new version that includes three sets of tests: Ice Storm, Cloud Gate and Fire Strike. The first is reserved for DirectX 9, we do not include in our test. Cloud Gate is designed for platforms "performance" focusing on Post Processing effects and particle effects. A second sequence is for volumetric lighting but using a low level of geometry. The Dell Studio 1558 test of Cloud Gate simulates physical effects of rigid and deformable objects.

Virtu MVP saves a few hundred points with Lucid Virtu.


 3DMark Fire Strike

Second test includes the new 3DMark Firestrike addresses the most powerful configurations. It offers too heavy tessellation effects and complex smoke effects. We execute Fire Strike in extreme version.

Same conclusion with Cloud Gate but with a much smaller gap. Far mode, we find the behavior of 3DMark 11 where the VGP-BPS14  boost is much more comfortable when testing heavy computing power. After his release, Metro 2033 has put many graphics cards on the knees partly due to effects requiring significant computing resources. We use the DirectX 11 API to benefit from the latest innovations in visual effects.

For each resolution used, we always use three distinct levels of details:

Low: quality "Low" anti aliasing "NOAA" and texture filtering to 4.
Intermediate: quality "Medium" anti aliasing "AAx4" and texture filtering to 4.
High: quality "Very High" anti aliasing "AAX8" and texture filtering on 16.

Under Metro, the Dell Studio 1555 motherboard fully exploit our graphics card.



Do we have to face facts, the motherboard MSI Z77A-G45 GAMING Z77A-G45 is a slightly improved. Besides aesthetic tidy, there are adding new features like Killer E2200 Ethernet for network and Sound Blaster Cinema for audio. But these few upgrades are far from essential and will be rare to find an uncompromising real Latitude d830 performance gain or comfort game players


While the MSI Z77A-G45 GAMING has undeniable quality finish and will be quick and powerful center of a PC. Even if the BIOS limits the maximum CPU voltage to 1.52V which thwart the fierce overclockers, it remains more than enough to make the most of the installed processor.

The graphical overhaul BIOS as the Control Center II in line with the design of the card brings a welcome revival. Click BIOS II damage that does not benefit. These Latitude d630 applications are still compelling, practical and effective. We also liked the strategy that MSI Gaming developing its collection enriches its product in a clear and relevant.


If the choice of the additional equipment used is still debatable, we remain positive because it is the first generation that has to mature to compete with the ASUS ROG series or Asrock Fatality. Ultimately, it is mainly the price of the MSI Z77A-G45 GAMING tainting its release. Proposed for about 150 euros, it will be a lot of trouble convincing facing the Dell Vostro 1520 gaming version not available for only one hundred dollars. In other words, Killer Ethernet, Sound Blaster Cinema and Lucid Virtu MVP increase the rate of one-third or more than 30%. The bill is so salty for even a dragon growth phase and we hope that the MSI Z77A-G65 GAMING more upscale will show a much better value for money.


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