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środa, 02 stycznia 2013

Test: Asustor AS-604-T

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Asustor small again but not without experience in the NAS market, has focused on the simplification of production lines for its first product line, with a single processor, a common design for all models and an interface also pooled WMD . The right recipe to make a quick name alongside Synology, Qnap Thecus and other?

After the jeans, it is the turn of the NAS to their entry as a new subsidiary of Asus, under the name Asustor. Joking aside, this subsidiary is independent in its choice and in the manufacture of its products. Having received the two versions and four bays of these new products, we mainly focused on the reference AS-604-T, allowing us to conduct tests in RAID 5, knowing that both offer exactly the same components internally, Only the number of storage disks that is different.

In fact, the entire range is based on a single processor, an Intel Atom D2700 with two hearts at a frequency of 2.13 GHz with 1 GB of RAM DDR3. Apart from these specifications, the Pavilion DV4 case measures 23 cm long 17 cm wide and 18.55 cm high and 3.5 kg empty.

Different lights will signal the operating status of disk activity, powering the NAS, the connection of an external hard drive on one of the USB ports (6 in number, including 2 USB 3.0) or a panel display two lines will display the IP address of the NAS and a customizable message if necessary. If all these lights you are neither hot nor cold, it is quite possible to disable it in the system settings. More significant when we must coexist NAS and people in the same room.

Indeed, on this point, Asustor assumes its AS-604-T will not exceed 21.3 dBA. What we could verify. In a room at 35.8 dbA on average, the meter positioned 50 cm from the NAS has not changed one iota. We hear maybe a few scrapes here and there when the HDD activity is important. But the big fan at the back does its job in a perfect silence.

In addition to the hardware, NAS needs to have a good system to manage disk storage. Much like other operating systems, this is the land of the applications of the NAS OS are now fighting with HP Pavilion DV5  Synology and QNAP head. Asustor no exception to the rule and understood very well that it takes a good range to attract as many customers as possible, and suitable for all uses expected.

In this field, our test model has many applications, either to mount a portal support tickets, to make a PHP forum, to set up a micro-boutique, to centralize application development with Git or other systems ... In short, full of apps that serve those in need and grouped into an "App Central» simplified. Note also the presence of an option to install APK file extension as Android. Should see some compatibility with the Android SDK? We do not know yet, but it is likely.

The system presented in the name of ADM Asustor Data Master (version 1.0.4.RBU2 for this test) is based on Linux. By connecting to the NAS via SSH, we learn that the VGP-BPS8 system is more precisely based on Linaro Ubuntu distribution with a 64-bit kernel in version 3.1.2. Apart from these information software, ADM driver from a web interface or from software provided on CD for Windows and Mac.

The software is directly connected to our network and NAS can quickly configure the network or the name of the storage unit and a password to access. By default, this is the couple admin / admin is used. The software also connect directly to the Web portal to configure the NAS for finer or install applications. Indeed, the basic software offers little more options.

If you connect the software, do not worry, it will load up your typing the correct address in your default Web browser. Otherwise, when you enter the IP address of the NAS receiving a browser error that can not find the server at that address. For this to work, you must manually add the address port 8000, the listening port on the NAS to access the Web administration interface. It's a shame other competitors offer automatic redirection does not require it to enter port. Hopefully the engineers Asustor Inc. Will correct this in the next version.

Rapid configuration and advanced

Installing the AS-604-T is in several ways. It is possible to configure it directly from the sony vgp-bps11 display panel with the four side buttons or by software that offers few options, either the web page if you know the IP address. After a few steps in advanced mode, the NAS restarts and offers to connect to the web interface. The RAID volume is being created and we can already get some applications or configure network shares according to the protocols that you want to activate.

A first impression is good, but tarnishes during our tests. After checking and installing the latest firmware, the NAS still can not configure the fly with RAID drives. Indeed, the interface "Storage Manager" shows quite a few buttons to create, manage or delete the volume, but they are all grayed out damage. It will in all cases reset the NAS in the application "Settings" to restart on another RAID volume.

Another bug has slipped to this level. After reconfiguring the RAID 0 to RAID 1, we wanted to change the IP address directly in the initial configuration. Badly we took after the summary of the settings, the application of these has just failed with an error message on the construction of RAID. Incomprehensible, this message reminds us at the beginning of the Toshiba PA3534U-1BRS procedure. Never mind, we will configure the IP later. It is a bit confusing not being able to choose when configuring IP, especially in the context of a corporate network with an addressing plan already chosen in advance.

Also in the storage manager, it proposes an overview of the RAID volume with its occupied space, hard drives and volume associated with the health status of HDD and RAID. Whatever the configuration, it will wait a few hours for hard drives volume synchronize. It also wonders why, given that the discs are free of any data and the volume has been created. Moreover, after our fifth and reset RAID volume creation, it shows 20.53 GB occupied ... The application file explorer clearly indicates that no files exist in different directories NAS, strange ...

Well, if there are still some bugs youth we hope to see soon be corrected, Inc. Asustor. Provides an efficient interface that requires no more than a few clicks to accomplish a task. If you can connect to a network or XPS M1530 Active Directory to manage external devices easily, NAS also offers a data backup system simple enough with an external hard drive connected via USB 3.0 for example.

Very good performance level

With a dual-core Intel Atom processor and 1GB of RAM, we expect many of these side Asustor NAS performance. And these are actually two swift RAID 0 or 1, and even RAID 5 with three drives. The graph summarizes the performance of the Samba protocol (CIFS) shows 57.7 MB / s write RAID 1 as a lower flow rates, and 123.9 MB / s at the top of his form in RAID 0 on a copy Synthetic 100 files from the NAS 5MB (play).

Four tests with robocopy, a command line utility for Windows are available for copying to and from the NAS directory with files called "medium" containing photos and a short video. What simulate the performance of the NAS during backup fast SD card from a camera to the NAS for example. The other four are more synthetic tests with software that simulate the writing and reading of one or more files of a defined size, and in a number of loops.

All tests in RAID 0 or RAID 5 often oscillates around the 100 MB / s. This will benefit for users who often copy large files on their server storage. To complete our test CrystalDiskMark also gives some interesting figures on the  Latitude E5500 Battery management of I / O simultaneously. In Raid 0, software test back 22,735 IOPs, RAID 1 is lowered to 1827 IOPs and RAID 5 is still down to 764 IOPs read 4K random data. This is not great, especially if you want to accommodate a MySQL database for example. It is also one of the applications available on the App Central NAS.

From the consumption side, the measurement is quite simple since the power supply is integrated into the NAS. A vacuum on, no HDD so it consumes 21W and 25W on our power meter with disc hibernation. Full load in RAID 5 with three drives so he goes to 39.4 W, a little more than that communicates the Taiwanese firm on this issue, or 33.2 W.

A good product, but expensive!
After these tests, it still remains a very good overall impression. In addition to office NAS products can also Asustor serivr Media Center easily, and if on the software efforts are still required to arrive at the Dell Studio 1558 market giants, the newcomer already know take very good performance architecture. I bet that meet the needs of many users.

But where other competitors NAS offer very decent - certainly without HDMI - from about € 150 (eg, KD20 Shuttle ...), the AS-602-T (model two bays) will be charged still € 535! The AS-604-T (four bays) is meanwhile available from € 747, without shipping ... At this price, you can afford a model Qnap or Synology fairly high-end, and sometimes even more hard drives (the price is not to be overlooked ...). It is unfortunately currently still higher prices than those that were announced, having presented his Asustor NAS with official labels of the first € 499 and € 679 for the second.

Even at these prices, it would still be a bit expensive, but the Inspiron 1300 performance is to go, we could mitigate this defect. That said, in this case, if Asustor does not make the effort to reduce its retail prices, it will be difficult to convince the Taiwanese company. Too bad because this product sign still rather noticeable input to the editor.


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