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wtorek, 04 grudnia 2012

l'iPad Mini-----complete iPad, but smaller

We have come close to perfection though this model was equipped with a Retina display. This is not the case, especially for technical reasons. With the iPad mini, Apple does not want to miss the holiday season, but that is not possible today will be tomorrow. The second generation, which sooner or later in 2013, certainly solve the problem. Can we live without waiting Retina? At this writing, opinions are divided, but for many people who have tested the defects of the first iPad mini are outweighed by its strengths. Small size, light weight, capacity identical to a 9.7-inch iPad ... If you are still unsure, the best is undoubtedly going to see in real life. It is probably in this way that you will best realize the potential of this device.


The grip is even more impressive. When we used the iPad, this newcomer is very small, but extremely  Dell Latitude E6500 battery lightweight. With 308 grams on the scale for the WiFi model tested here (312 gr on 3G), this tablet is two times lighter than the iPad with Retina display equivalent. The difference is really significant, more between an iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 for example. The other thing that strikes at the opening of the box this time for the frame around the screen. Good size on the iPad, it is reduced to a mere trickle on the sides of the iPad mini. Even borders on the top and bottom have been reduced, so that the screen occupies much more space on the front of this model. This new tablet is also much smaller. It is less high with four inches shorter (20 cm for iPad mini, against 24 cm for the iPad), it is also less wide than 5 cm (13.5 against 18.6 cm) and finer. While the iPad 2 was 8.8 mm and the iPad with Retina display amounted to 9.4 mm thick, the iPad and its mini 7.2 mm appear thinner, although the difference is not as clear as that between the first iPad and its successor (read: Testing the iPad 2 16GB WiFi).


The iPad mini (black) is thinner than the iPad with Retina Display (White) - Click to enlarge. The difference was much greater between the iPad 2 and its predecessor ... These measurements combined with reduced weight reduces the tablet provide an amazing sensation, as if the iPad mini was too small, as if it was just a toy. After taking the new tablet in hands, it is the opposite happens and we have the impression that the iPad is too big and heavy. The iPad mini is not only smaller, it also seems more precious than its big brother. The Compaq Presario CQ60 battery build quality of this tablet is generally impeccable, far ahead of its competitors from other brands. Apple has taken the manufacturing processes used for the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5G and found a design close enough to these two models.



Unlike traditional iPad, the back of the mini iPad is in agreement with the color of the front face. The black model is fully black, white is for its white and gray back. In all cases, there is a layer of aluminum and possibly color the apple on the back is still black and shiny. If you like to keep your tablet immaculate, you'll want to opt for the white model. The back of the iPad mini black is very sensitive to fingerprints, the same way as the old black MacBook. Traces accumulate and quickly loses the pristine side of the rear seat, even if just to rub restore its state.


The edges of the iPad mini are quite different from those of the standard iPad. Less sections, they are more rounded and very close to the new iPod touch. As we will see later, this is a positive point to take the tablet, but the result is also better, we have the impression that the manufacturer has just stuck two elements together, they seem intertwined. Chamfered edges of the iPad mini are brilliant aesthetic effect is however very sensitive to fingerprints and scratches ... Apple has chosen to place metal buttons on this new model. The HP Pavilion DV6000 battery tablet was previously simply invariably black plastic parts, but it was right this time not only aluminum, but also given a color to the rest. The rendering is really successful, even if these buttons may be a quite unpleasant on some models.




Level of feeling, iPad mini is often fast and responsive. Accustomed to the iPad 2 and the iPad 3, we did not notice any big differences in the context of everyday use. The only difference may be the iPad 3 comes from the amount of RAM available. With 512 MB, iPad mini is forced to clean up a little more often than its big brother. This is seen especially in mobile Safari: If you load a large number of tabs, they tend to require more frequent recharging on the small shelf on the iPad Retina display.






Just like the iPad 2 reviewed in the spring and unlike earlier models, the iPad features a mini A5 SoC engraved in 32 nm. This method of finer engraving has several advantages: the chip less heat and consume less energy. The fact that Apple does not offer a Retina display is probably the best choice at the moment. The company offers a tablet balanced performance, which heats bit and, as we shall see later, has a remarkable autonomy. Apple had two other options if she wanted at all costs to put a Retina display iPad in his mini. The Toshiba PA3465U-1BRS battery first would have been to take the chip A5X the iPad 3, but it heated in a much larger space and can not imagine what it would have been in a small tablet. There was also the option A6, but it would probably cost a problem. Adding a Retina Display will be at the expense of autonomy and a sense of performance. Even with a much more powerful graphics chip, such a screen involves managing a lot more pixels. Seen with the iPad 2 and the iPad 3: it has a much more powerful chip, but it is not really faster. The price of the iPad is undoubtedly high mini, Apple has provided in official communications product that was less room than usual. This is probably true for the 16GB model, the least likely to 64GB


Equipping an iPad with Retina display

The iPad mini is small, but it is not able to as well. Apple has managed to put all the standard equipment of a tablet now, often the same as in the iPad with Retina display yet sold € 170 more expensive in its entry-level configuration. We thus find the two cameras, one forward and one aft. Apple has opted for the same equipment on its two new tablets, namely a 5MP camera behind and a 1.2 megapixel webcam on the front. This is better than the iPad 2 and the iPad at last generation, results quite decent for a tablet. The iPad mini will not replace your everyday camera, an iPhone is much more recent, but these sensors dépanneront photo and video and they will be more than sufficient in video chat.



Apple naturally opted for the new cable Lightning this smaller iPad. The size of the micro-USB connector around, it has several advantages, starting with its ability to be inserted in one direction as in another. As on other Apple devices equipped with this connector, it fits easily on the iPad mini and holds in place. We can even hold the tablet cable connected, even if it is not really recommended. The HP Pavilion DV5 battery  space gained with the addition of the port has allowed Apple to add a second speaker to the shelf. While the iPad had only one element located partly on the back cover, iPad mini has two speakers on the edge of both sides of the connector Lightning. What offer stereo sound, at least in theory: in practice, the two are too close to make any sound spatialization.


The manufacturer does not mention an important point though: if the number of pixels is the same on an iPad mini, each pixel is smaller and iOS has not been adapted to maintain the size of its elements. Everything that appears on the screen and is smaller interface elements texts. Or screenshots, or even photos of the tablet in action do justice to the effect, but the difference is immediately apparent when taken in hand.The smaller size has its advantages and disadvantages. On one side, the screen looks thinner than it really is and the small size of all UI elements involved in the negative perspective that is the Retina display. Fonts  Sony VGP-BPS8 battery appear throughout finer than an iPad 2, while the images of lower quality are less pixelated to eye on a mini iPad on an iPad Retina display, more demanding.




Apple chose not to adjust its interface to the smaller screen, or provide an option to change the text size. The smaller size can also be a disadvantage for those who have difficulty reading small items. In the center of notifications, for example, the police are really small, which could hinder some. Potentially, these interfaces are reduced problems in some applications interface composed of dense and small buttons. Specifically, however, we were never really embarrassed, although it sometimes took aim precisely one element. The touch screen of the tablet is just as accurate as the other Apple products and the whole has never been in default during our tests.


Smaller screen: a tablet dedicated to reading?

The debate is often on the table: a tablet is it dedicated to the consultation content, or may also create? The iPad has had many opportunities since 2010 to prove that she was also very capable in creation. If Apple's tablet is often put forward for its creative abilities, it is primarily for its 9.7-inch screen. The iPad mini with its 7.9 inch screen only then is it doomed not create? The situation is obviously more complex, but it is first necessary to acknowledge the capabilities of this tablet read content. Even more than the standard iPad, this tablet lighter easier to read books, consulting websites and other reading activities yet. The format of 7.9 inches and light weight make the iPad mini something more interesting to read. Although studies suggest the opposite (read: The LCD is not more tiring than the eInk), eInk screens give the impression of being on the eyes than LCDs. Obviously, no one is perfect, because if we assume that the  Dell Inspiron 1525 battery reading lights are less tiring, they are also more limited. Consulting a newspaper or a magazine is much more enjoyable on a tablet on this type of equipment.




If the screen size is a disadvantage for video playback, it is an advantage in all other uses. During the keynote presentation, Apple had cited surfing the Internet, and in fact it is much more enjoyable with the iPad mini, whether in portrait or landscape. During the conference presentation mini iPad, Apple's tablet compared to a 7-inch tablet in 16/9 format. In terms of design, there is not much to say. All  HP Pavilion DV6 battery applications running on the iPad and iPad mini as we said before, we've never had a particular problem because the screen is too small. Apple has obviously struck the right balance with this screen size: 7.9 inches, it's small enough to justify the "mini", while being large enough to allow comfortable use and iOS applications the App Store. The reduced size of the iPad mini induces a change more significant than it seems at first. This is the first tablet marketed by Apple that can be held in one hand without major discomfort after a few minutes. We can of course take a classic hand an iPad, but the weight of this tablet makes this very uncomfortable after a few minutes.


The improved  Dell Inspiron 6000 battery performance of the iPad in this context is also in another field, text entry on the virtual keyboard of iOS. On this point, the result depends on users: If you have the habit of using more than two fingers and if you have big hands, the smaller keyboard and especially its small keys may be a problem. You may find it cramped, whether in portrait or landscape mode. If, on the other hand, typing with two fingers, with the thumb, then the 7.9 inch screen is a big help. Unlike the iPad virtual keyboard standard, the iPad mini is more accessible, including the center of the keyboard keys. Opinions are divided on writing, you see according to your habits ...



As noted at the beginning of this test, the frame around the iPad mini is much thinner, especially the edges to the left and right of the screen in portrait mode. The finesse and maintaining a hand iPad mini forced the manufacturer to slightly modify the mobile system to avoid accidental taps. If you lay a finger on the edge of the screen and you hold the position, iOS 6 detects that finger is not used to interact with the running application and it is simply ignored. You can continue to use the tablet normally, but this does not affect your finger use as you do not move. This new system works pretty well and we have not identified any particular problem, but some complain some bugs youth or some incompatibilities in some applications.



A more mobile tablet

The iPad has been a mobile device, but it is true that its dimensions and above its weight could limit its use on the road, on the train or airplane. The iPad mini instead we offer an ideal size seems in this context, while maintaining a close to optimal experience thanks to its display at the same resolution as the iPad 2. We can more easily slide the tablet into a small bag, be it a purse or a small bag. On the model worn over the shoulder we tested in writing, the 9.7-inch iPad does not fit, unlike the iPad mini which comes and leaves without forcing anything even add a wallet and iPhone. To ensure the move, the tablet must have significant autonomy. In truth, Dell Latitude e6400 battery this was never a problem on the iPad since the first model. Apple has always announced ten o'clock and tablets have always kept at least this time on a single charge. The iPad mini is even better than that: our current tests and use our formal testing has consistently exceeded 11 hours of battery life, a good performance. The tests can be found on the Internet are also in this sense: the iPad mini has autonomy very comfortable. This is the best for an iPad today, and it is among the best for a tablet, all brands.


The iPad mini has a very good battery life, but the small Apple tablet finally rule the black point of all hitherto iPad: the cooldown. Its 16.3 Wh battery is much smaller than the iPad with Retina display (43 Wh), but smaller than the iPad 2 battery (25 Wh). The charging time is much shorter and logically: it took us less than four hours to reach 100% with the power adapter supplied by Apple and without using the tablet. The battery should also be much easier to reload. That of the iPad with Retina display is actually very difficult, it requires not only a minimum of 10 W and again, this is not enough and you may very well drain the battery in use, leaving the tablet plugged in . The iPad mini instead comes with a charger 5 watts, the same as the iPhone, and it recharges fairly quickly on a single USB port. It may be time to defuse a controversy on 7-inch tablets. Steve Jobs has repeatedly typed in this format, saying it is not possible to do good slate. By releasing a 7.9 inch tablet, Tim Cook did not his predecessor of judge instead. He insisted that there was 0.9 inches and that makes all the difference. Another  Dell Studio 1558 battery major, format: 16/9 for his supposed rival against 4/3 for the model of Apple. Again, as we have seen, the change is important and if these two differences may seem anecdotal, the size of the iPad mini seems much more practical. On the 16/9 format, the landscape is quite impractical if not for displaying video content. In total, the iPad is more of a mini iPad mini 7-inch tablet that traditional. We find the size of the iPad, with the difference that everything is smaller, but the spirit of the tablet for the first time presented to the public in 2010 is met.





Who are its competitors?

Should also compare these tablets 7-inch iPad mini? In use, the more we seem to have the hands of a "mini iPad" as Apple's response to the 7-inch tablets. These are already numerous, but they all adopt a different format, which changes everything. In fact, theCupertinocompany has adopted the same approach with the iPad mini with the MacBook Air 11-inch. It is part of an existing model and sought by every means to miniaturize possible, while trying to minimize interference with the comfort of use. From this point of view, it is for us a success!


Is it crack?

Undoubtedly, this mini iPad is a success. If its big brother tended to stay on the coffee table in the living room, it might have to travel more thanks to its mini size and light weight. It is surprising to store easily in any bag or purse. In this regard, it is curious to see what gives the model "cell", expected this month. Obviously, there are two things that will make a lot about the price and the lack of Retina display. More expensive than the 7-inch tablet which it will inevitably be compared, the degree of finish of the iPad mini is clearly light years ahead of what the competition is doing. Quality  Dell Latitude d830 battery has a price and Apple did not bother to pay for the high price. In total, this iPad mini does not really compete with tablets from other manufacturers, but the other iPad. In this perspective, the iPad mini sold from € 339 is the cheapest tablet from Apple so far ...


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